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Kolkata Packers and Movers are among the top service providers in Car Transportation services

We know about the efforts you put in purchasing cars
A car transporter should deliver the best and efficient services as it involves the transport of your valuable vehicles.

We totally understand that you put in lot of hard work to buy your car or bike and even a slight scratch or dent on it would cost you a lot and the thought of moving your hard-earned vehicle can be daunting and stressful when you opt for a local packer. We know that your vehicle has emotional values for you because you have fond memories associated with it.

Best in Class Technology
We use latest technology which is best in class. We have car carriers that are licensed and follow regulatory norms. They also allow appropriate ventilation control. We give you an option to lock your vehicle with your lock and keys for your satisfaction. We provide our services all over India.

These Car Carriers are well maintained and up to date and are spacious to give a sufficient space for your vehicle. These Carriers are stable and aim to give the greatest quality service.

We have single as well as multiple car carriers based on our customer preferences and we make sure that there are no delays in the transport of your vehicle.

Our delivery is timely and is destination to destination.

5 Star Safety assured
Kolkata packers and movers provide best safety inside the Car Carriers.

We strap your car down, but not too tightly and then lock the tires to ensure there is no movement within the Car Carriers. We also have GPS navigation system installed, to ensure Car Carrier status and position. The Customer can contact us any time to get real time update of the vehicle.

So, to get hassle free services feel free to contact us and we’ll provide you with a memorable experience